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This House is Clear: Smudging 101

Clearing and resetting the energy in your home made easy: a simple method for cleansing your space with smudging. You may only need to purchase a few of the items before getting started. Dried sage bundles and palo santo are easy to find and inexpensive. You will also need a lighter and a non-flammable container (used to catch the ashes). We suggest a clay bowl or a thick seashell. Using these tools to clear energy is a breeze. Read and follow the steps below.

  • Set an intention. Intention is everything. Intention is nothing more than a directed thought with a desired outcome. Think of what you want to achieve before you begin. If the energy is stagnant and you’d like to bring fresh energy and experiences into your space, make that clear with your intention. If you simply want to clear any lingering negative energy, state it aloud or to yourself.

  • Open a window or door. Giving the energy that is already there a place to exit is important when clearing.

  • Light the sage bundle or palo santo stick on fire. Give it a moment and blow out the flame. They will smolder and smoke. This smoke is what is used to purify the space. Here is a quick video tutorial for any additional help you may need:

  • Spread the smoke. Use your hand or a feather to spread the smoke. Making sure to be safe and bring the tray to catch the ashes with you, walk around the entire space. Go into every corner and around every window and doorway. Use your intention to move out any negative energy, and only positive energy may enter. Repeat your intention. For extra cleansing you may want to open drawers, cabinets, and closets to allow the smoke to penetrate all spaces.

When complete, simply place the smudge tool in the non-flammable tray (it will slowly stop smoking on its own), and close the windows/doors. Feel free when performing the clearing to ask for help from angels, guides, Creator, ancestors, etc. There are other herbs you can use for this. For example: lemongrass, cedar, frankincense resin, lavender are beneficial to this practice. You can use a spray or mist that is made with essential oils for smudging or an essential oil diffuser. No matter which smudging tool you choose, remember to set your intention and repeat it throughout the process.

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