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How to Know Which Chakra Is Blocked #AskingForAFriend

No seriously, all my friends need to balance their chakras.

Recognizing blockages in your energy field is the first step to healing.

Heart Chakra

Is your heart chakra in balance? Here are the signs of a blocked heart chakra:

  • Dismisses intimacy; pushes away people before they can reject or abandon you

  • Constantly needs to find others to draw strength from

  • Jealous or possessive – Love comes with conditions or strings attached

  • An inability to receive appreciation or support from others

  • Overly dramatic or emotionally unstable; strong reactions to others words or actions

  • Self-pity; very hard on yourself for “failing”

  • Loves too much, feels unworthy to receive love back

  • Constantly judging others but puts on a ‘good face’ when they are around

  • Harboring hatred: whether its for one person who has wronged you, or for a number of people such as an ethnic or political group.

5 exercises to balance the energy to the heart chakra

  1. Smile at others for no reason. Be surprised how many smile back.

  2. Read or watch a love story or heart-warming book or movie.

  3. Heart Connection Exercise: place your hands on your heart center. Take several long deep breaths until you feel a warm or tingling sensation between your heart and your hand.

  4. Use crystals to balance the heart chakra: rose quartz, aventurine, green calcite, watermelon tourmaline.

  5. Practice the cobra, camel and upward bow poses in yoga to open the heart chakra.

Throat Chakra

Is your throat chakra in balance? Here are the signs of an imbalanced throat chakra:

  • Trouble expressing yourself OR over-talking to fill a silence; fearing silence

  • Frequently complains they are not ‘heard’ by others OR an inability to listen to others, constantly interrupting

  • Speaks in a monotonous or dull tone of voice

  • Clears throat often or chin is held down to the chest

  • Constantly hiding throat area (turtlenecks, scarfs, hand gestures)

  • Inability to be discreet and keep secrets OR being extremely secretive, unable to open up to anyone

  • Suppresses opinions, beliefs, feelings to keep others happy or avoid judgement OR being too opinionated, judgmental or preachy; believing we know whats best for everyone

5 exercises to balance the energy to the throat chakra

  1. Sing! Whether its in the shower or in the car or anywhere. Use your voice to sing loud and proud or soft and gentle.

  2. Use a visualization technique: Picture yourself in a situation where you are speaking your beliefs aloud. Imagine not only the words you would use, but how you feel when your truth is shared with the world.

  3. Listen to harmonic sounds. There are different frequencies (or keynotes) you may use to balance each chakra. The throat chakra corresponds to frequency 384 Hz or Keynote G. YouTube is a great resource for finding music/sounds in specific frequency harmonics, just type in “throat chakra balancing”.

  4. Learn a new language or take a public speaking class

  5. Express yourself! Write a letter to a loved one, draw a picture, do a craft or write a song! Even if you do not share your ‘art’ with anyone, find a way to express yourself creatively and do it for just you!

Third Eye Chakra

Is your third eye chakra in balance? Here are a few signs of an imbalanced third eye chakra:

  • Being narrow-minded about spiritual beliefs, that there is only one ‘right’ path for everyone

  • Too absorbed in one’s inner life to the exclusion of everything else

  • Caring more about appearances than what really lies under the surface

  • Being too left-brained, practical and logical; not open to the spiritual or emotional side to life

  • Refusing to acknowledge negativity, rejecting one’s own dark side; fear of looking inward

5 exercises to balance the energy to the third eye chakra:

  1. Daydream

  2. Practice seeing a different perspective, seeing life from another’s shoes

  3. Go for a slow walk around a familiar place. Walk at a pace much slower than normal. Notice new details you have never noticed before. Open your senses: take in the smells, the sounds, the sights and feel the air on your face, the grass or pavement under your feet.

  4. Unlock your intuitive abilities.

Blocked or out-of-balance chakras are not uncommon and can be easily adjusted. Although not immediately threatening, stuck energy can cause problems down the line. Being proactive is key! Balance those chakras, friends! Or reach out to an energy healer for help.

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