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Good Vibes Only: Make The Law of Attraction Work in Your Favor

Everything is energy. Therefore everything holds a vibration. Vibration levels can vary depending on certain factors. Typically, those things that hold a higher vibration tend to feel lighter. In a sense, they feel better than things that hold a low vibration. Universal law states that the energy (vibration) that you put out is the energy (vibration) that will come back to you. Our thoughts, our words, and our actions are energy. It is so important within our day to day to remember this and to do what we can to keep a high vibration.

Here are some tips to have the Law of Attraction work in your favor:

Think Positive. When we are thinking thoughts that are happy and light, we tend to attract conversations that feel the same. On the contrary, when our thoughts are sad and dense, we tend to attract the discussions with the heavy energy attached to it. Try some affirmations at the start of the day to help begin with a positive mindset. If needed, repeat this saying when the going gets tough: “Each day is filled with joy and love.”

Choose Words Carefully. Our voice holds vibration such as singing, yelling, and laughing. These vibrations can physically affect things around them. The words we say hold tremendous power. Try keeping the words you say upbeat. Watch how beneficial it can be to your surroundings. Try “Good rising!” instead of “Good morning (mourning)!” Feel the difference?

Keep Good Company. Be mindful of whom you are sharing your space with. Do these people bring out the best in you? Do they speak positively? Do they have their and your best interest at heart? Like energy attracts like energy. If you find yourself spending most of your time with others that are down, it may be time to take a deep look at yourself. You may need to readjust in order to attract more enhanced energies.

Eat Healthy Foods. Food holds vibration. Ever notice how when you eat fatty sugary meals, you tend to feel sluggish and overall yucky? That is because the energy of the food you’re eating is low. Try eating greens and fresh juices. Stay away from too much red meat, dairy, and sugars. You will feel lighter and your energy levels will be higher.

Do Good Deeds. Karma is real. Hold the door for the person behind you. Help an older person with their shopping bags. Sometimes a smile can brighten someone’s day. Little acts of kindness add up. Good will come back to you – it’s universal law.

Our environments are reflections of us. Take a good look around to observe your surroundings. Do your surroundings reflect you in a positive way? If not, refer to the list above to help you lift your energy. Raise your standards, and in turn, raise your vibrations.

Good vibes only.

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