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unlock your inner healer 

experience the power of energy healing:
skilled energy healing practitioners guide you towards true balance
everything you need to practice energy hygiene:
cleanse, release, protect, attract
How it works

personalized sessions with gifted energy healing practitioners who are excited to help guide and support you along your healing journey

from candles to crystals and jewelry to salves, shop your everyday essentials to help along your journey inward...

all handmade with love

you're not just signing up for a membership; you're embarking on a journey of connection, growth, and shared experiences

our offerings

a deeply rooted passion
& mission

enerki is dedicated to empowering and helping guide individuals to find their inner healer, and to educating the world of the many benefits of energy healing.

what energy healing can do for us

energy healing works based on the premise that everything is energy. our bodies, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are made of it. when trauma occurs on any level, the natural flow can become stuck. stagnant energy can harbor in the body, manifesting as “dis-ease” and pain.

enerki practitioners guide you to identify these blocked areas, allowing movement, release and ultimately healing.

Who are we

why energy healing?

energy healing is a holistic, complementary health practice and a personal choice in self-discovery and personal transformation

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which resonates with you?

discover transformative energy healing modalities

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