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Angel Healing: What is it?

Angel Healing is a form of energy healing activated through an attuned practitioner who calls upon the assistance of Angels. Angels are benevolent supernatural beings who are generally known as messengers of Creator. They have been spoken of in most religions through time. Although, religion has nothing to do with Angel Healing. Angels are powerful spirits who can help us heal and see things more clearly. Angels simply bring a sense of peace. Angel Healing practitioners help to uncover and remove physical, emotional, and spiritual obstacles to bring harmony in all areas of your life. Practitioners may also assist in communicating messages of love and wisdom in order to guide you to achieve all-round wellness in your life.

What is the focus during the session?

During an Angel Healing session, the energy practitioner will become a clear channel so that angelic energy may move through them to facilitate whatever healing is needed. Sessions are personalized and will be different each time depending on what you choose to focus on. Therefore, it is important to communicate your intention with your angel healer at the start of each session. Practitioners will act as a heightened connection through which the Angels bring their energy. The process of connecting and attuning to angelic beings may vary among practitioners. Some healers may use a meditative state to receive messages regarding the client's needs and pass along the information. Other practitioners may utilize angel oracle cards, crystals, or sound frequency to facilitate a connection with the Angels.

How will I benefit?

The benefits of Angelic Healing can vary, but mostly include purifying, clearing, and energizing. Many people experience relaxation, a profound sense of peace, rejuvenation, deeper understanding, and an overall more positive outlook. Pain relief on a physical level may also be achieved depending on the issues that are focused on during a session. Overall, a session can leave you feeling more enthusiastic, more invigorated, more tuned in to your higher self. Guidance from Angels can provide a different perspective on how to deal with everyday, real-life situations or problems. Ultimately, Angel Healing practitioners support you along your path. They believe in empowering and inspiring you to create your desired results. As with all energy healing therapies, however, Angel Healing should never take the place of traditional medicine and medical support when needed.

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