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Chakra Balancing: What is it?

Chakra Balancing is a form of energy healing that harmonizes the chakra energy centers and brings them into alignment. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel.' There are 7 main chakras that run along the center of the body from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. Our life force energy runs up and down along the chakra system. An energy healing practitioner's main focus is balancing the openness and tuning the speed at which the 7 chakras are spinning. When your chakras are aligned, a feeling of balance will present itself.

What is the focus during the session?

An energy healing practitioner who is experienced in Chakra Balancing will often begin by 'scanning' your energy field. This practice is done remotely using intention and focus. The purpose of scanning is to determine the flow of energy through the chakras so the session may be tailored to the client's needs. Some practitioners use healing tools such as pendulums, crystals, or oracle cards to assist in this process. Other practitioners may see colors associated with each chakra, which aids them in sensing when the flow of energy is out of balance. After an initial assessment, the practitioner will start to treat the individual chakras (Root to Crown) by adding energy (speeding up), removing energy (slowing down), removing blockages, and balancing each chakra.

How will I benefit?

Chakra balancing and clearing can help bring an overall sense of peace and harmony. Imagine the results of a notable chiropractic adjustment or a wheel alignment on your vehicle, but within your energetic body. Energy centers that are able to flow easily and efficiently help us to communicate better, bring more clarity, feel less burdened, have a greater sense of self and security, create more passionately, and be more grounded. Overall, helping our energetic beings play like a fine-tuned instrument.

As with all energy healing therapies, Chakra Balancing should never take the place of traditional medicine and medical support when needed. Chakra Balancing sessions are a great complement to other therapies and not a replacement for regular medical care.

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