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Shamanic Healing: What is it?

Shamanism is an ancient form of energy healing dating back almost 30,000 years. A shaman is trained to travel between different realities to access deep, hidden issues that may be affecting us today. They do this with the help of spirit guides in the ethereal realm. There are different techniques used during a Shamanic Healing such as soul retrieval, where pieces of our souls are gathered and returned to us to help us be whole again. Power animal is another technique used, where a spiritual guardian is brought back in the form of an animal for protection, strength, and removing unwanted energies around us.

What is the focus during the session?

A Shamanic Healing session will be centered around restoring balance and harmony by getting to the energetic cause of the imbalance. Past hurts, negative energy, and ancestral trauma, may be a majority of the root issues. The session will be focused on locating these hidden issues and bringing them to light (or "illumination"). Understanding the root cause (or causes) will help to overcome them.

How will I benefit?

Often times, while shedding light on a deep issue, it can be a bit uncomfortable, but the after-effects bring peace, comfort and harmony. A greater understanding of self, forgiveness, gratitude, and knowing your true purpose are all possible benefits of Shamanic Healing. As with all energy healing therapies, Shamanic Healing should never take the place of traditional medicine and medical support when needed. Energy Healing sessions are a great compliment to other therapies and not a replacement for regular medical care.

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