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Meet the Founders: Laura Gaetana

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Laura is trained in both traditional massage therapy and alternative energy healing modalities. As a gifted intuitive and medium, she combines her unique abilities with integrity and compassion. Her technique is to help others get to the root cause of health conditions by facilitating a release of blocked emotions.

Why we started enerki...

Eileen and I wanted to help bring energy healing to the mainstream because conventional western medicine appears to be limited to only treating symptoms. It is time for all of us to rediscover our inner healers. We are capable of educating and empowering ourselves to understand the power we harbor within. When we seek and unlock our inner healer, our well-being knows no bounds. We can heal on an emotional level, where I believe most dis-ease begins. Being proactive is so important. Energy healing can be a wonderful complement to traditional methods, enabling healing to begin on a deeper level that will help us keep well into the future.

How I began from within...

In one way or another, I was always drawn to fields in which I could help people. It has been a constant driving force in my life. As a massage therapist, waitress, and even in sales, I took pride in connecting with people and finding ways to be of some assistance. As an empath, feeling others' emotions and pain could take a toll, if you let it. I found myself giving away too much of my energy- in an attempt to help my clients, friends, and family- with the best of intentions! Although, I learned Reiki many years prior, I started really incorporating energy healing into my life when I became "burnt out" from over-extending myself for so long. I started meditating and my healing journey got a fresh start. I decided to look within and what a world of difference it made! My head felt clearer and my emotions became more regulated. I realized I was taking on others' energies and learned techniques to protect myself through classes, research, and intuition. I found my inner healer and began to recognize similar attributes in others. I would share tips with loved ones and some new folks. They also began to feel the incredible transformation happening!

I firmly believe we are all capable of being healers with the right guidance, through self-discovery with meditation, and adding tools to your toolbelt through education and practice. Our ki-mmunity is designed for us all to grow and heal together.

enerki is here now, ready to help you begin from within and unlock your fullest potential in this lifetime!

A Few More Things About Me...

I am a Gemini.

My mercurial self is neverendingly curious. I enjoy conversing and am a very good listener. I tend to attract clients that need work in the throat chakra.

I have a great sense of humor.

I love to laugh! Laughing not only burns calories, but is incredibly healing. I have always wanted to try stand-up and maybe one day, I will...

I have a huge heart.

Years ago, a gifted intuitive healer- Anysia Kiel - told me, 'You're a healer. But you heal very uniquely, differently than I've ever seen before. You heal with your heart chakra. Love radiates from you.' Since then, I have been learning my gifts and practicing and evolving. I love helping people reconnect with their true self and reminding them of their innate gifts.

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