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Meet the Founders: Eileen Sweeney

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Eileen became a Reiki Master, certified in Usui/Holy Fire in 2019. After a spiritual awakening left her with an expanded understanding of her purpose, and a desire to explore metaphysical and spiritual concepts. Her interests extend beyond Reiki, encompass various subjects such as astrology, cosmology, meditation, herbalism, and self-healing.. Eileen has developed a passion for inspiring others to connect to their 'super powers" -- imagination, faith and belief.

What inspired you to start enerki?

"Laura had the original idea for enerki and she trusted me with sharing her vision: to expand awareness of the power of energy medicine. It was our own individual healing journeys that brought us together. And our friendship grew into a business relationship. Together we set an intention to create a space of personal empowerment for those of us on a path of healing and self-discovery."

How did you 'begin from within' on your healing journey?

"As a kid, I never understood why I seemed so sensitive compared to others around me. I grew up confused because I was unable to identify the cause or meaning behind the deep emotions I was experiencing. I became exceedingly proficient at suppressing all feelings, along with isolating during difficult times. For years, I walked around unconsciously influenced by the external world, not realizing this ability as an 'empath' to soak up all the emotions around me.

When I experienced my first energy healing session, my connection to the non-physical world reignited a curiosity with me. After being introduced to chakras, energy, frequency, and vibration, everything in my life began to click into place. Energy healing became the gateway to learning about myself in a more meaningful and empowered way. With a new understanding of how my energetic body worked, I was able to create emotional balance, ease my anxiety, and relieve my depression.

As my journey back to wholeness continues, I look forward to sharing my experiences and exploring all the wonderful, unique gifts others have unlocked within themselves.

A few more things about me…

I enjoy connecting with people.

I love when conversations lead to sharing meaningful experiences. Seeing the world through another person's perspective makes me appreciate their uniqueness within.

In my natal chart, Mercury is in Gemini in the 6th house.

This basically translates to: if you share your problem with me, I may never stop observing, analyzing, digging, and picking it apart so I can help put it back together as soon as possible. It can be both incredibly annoying and super helpful!

I am an optimist at heart.

I am an idealist. I think and dream BIG. I love anything related to self-discovery and am always up for a new adventure!

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