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Mediumship Healing: What is it?

Mediumship is a form of energy healing facilitated by a psychic medium (sometimes referred to as a channel). We spend our physical lifetime on earth with a body. When that life is over, our consciousness passes into the spiritual plane. Our loved ones still exist on this other plane, and continue to be a part of our lives. Mediums are people who can mediate communication between the living and those who have transitioned to the spiritual plane. Mediums are able to match their energetic vibration and use their intention to create a connection. There are different types of mediums. Mental or telepathic mediums receive messages through images, symbols, pictures, or words they can see with their mind or third eye. Physical mediums can see the spirit in physical form with their eyes open and hear them speak directly.

What is the focus during the session?

During a session, the medium will focus on your energy and detect who is around you on the spiritual plane that may have a message for you. Sometimes the people we want to connect to aren't always the ones that come through during a session. It is important to be aware of this before your healing session. Remember, whoever and whatever messages come through are the ones you are meant to hear at that time.

How will I benefit?

Information and messages received by mediums during a healing session can help in many ways. Often times, messages received from spirit are words of love, comfort, or wisdom that come through when you need to hear it the most. The information channeled may provide guidance in our current situation. Simply knowing the fact that our loved ones who have crossed are nearby and watching over us is all we need to allow us to move forward in this life. The knowledge of how we are still connected to our loved ones brings peace and comfort. It may also help us to ease our own fear of death.

As with all energy healing therapies, Mediumship Healing should never take the place of traditional medicine and medical support when needed. Mediumship Healing sessions are a great complement to other therapies and not a replacement for regular medical care.

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