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Meditation Is Hard, but These Tools Make It Easier

We created a list of meditation tools with the intention of helping beginners develop their practice and benefit more from the practice of their meditation sessions.

Meditation strengthens the communication channels between your mind, body, and spirit. It is the act of traveling inside yourself to your inner temple or your sacred space for a purpose, such as: gaining clarity on a situation, creating balance or stillness, or fostering a deeper connection with one’s self.

All you ever really need to meditate is just you, your breath, and your intention.

Let’s face it, sometimes it can be really hard to sit still, keep your eyes closed, focus in the present moment, and not be distracted by thoughts. It can useful to bring tools into your meditation session to assist overcoming these common obstacles.

See which ones speak most to you and incorporate them into your practice.


Engaging the senses will help bring your focus into the body.

  • Pillow, seat cushion, or blanket to feel comfy and relax the body.

  • Eye pillow to help keep your eyes closed.

  • Chimes, brass, or crystal bowls are useful to relax the body.

  • Musical sounds or frequencies – like 432 Hz or 528 Hz – to assist in calming the body so you are able to sit still.

  • Scented candles or incense to activate the nostrils, which is a portal for receiving communication.

  • Mudras to help loosen and relax the body.


Clearing the mind will help you to ultimately utilize your mind for constructing in the present moment, rather than traveling to the past or future.

  • Crystals to help you ground, focus, and bring clarity.

  • Secluded space to avoid interruptions.

  • Sunshine outdoors to help with sitting still.

  • Meditation app or cell phone to create timed interval alerts during the session or to set daily reminders to meditate.

  • Journal, diary, pen, and paper to capture important messages or images after the meditation session.


True spiritual vision lies within the union between self and chi – the lifeforce energy in everything all around us and through us. There we gain ability to speak to our higher self.

  • Water to drink and/or bless the space.

  • Smudge kit to neutralize the space.

  • Dark room to enhance the experience of going within.

  • Visualization exercises to develop clairvoyance (clear seeing).

  • Guided audio or a guided meditation practitioner to share their methods. Search for an enerki practitioner.

  • Orgonite to transmute negative energy to positive energy.

Most importantly, while navigating the journey within, remember to be kind to yourself. It is called a meditation practice for a reason. If you find your mind wandering or you are bored, don’t worry. Start again tomorrow. Stay focused and don’t get discouraged. A clear, quiet mind will come with time, patience, and practice just like anything else. The more energy work you put in – which is your time and experience – the more you will benefit!

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