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Meditate While You Move

Most people think of meditation as something you do while sitting or laying down. Did you know that you can meditate while you move? Focusing your attention and intention on physical motion as well as breathing are integral parts of moving meditation.

Here are a few techniques:

  • Walking meditation– Simply walking with intention. Pay attention to the feeling of every sensation of the ground beneath your feet. Make sure to breathe and let your arms swing freely. Find an open, safe space to practice to help you feel confident you will not trip over anything and will allow you to focus on your body in motion.

  • Yoga– Attention to your breath is of vital importance during the practice of yoga. Yoga is about awareness. Closing your eyes and focusing on how your body feels in each position will help you maximize your practice. Being present in the moment, with each breath, in every position will turn your yoga practice into moving meditation. Here is a great video to further the technique:

  • Tai Chi– Not only a form of self defense, Tai Chi involves a series of flowing, gentle movements. These movements are slow, constant, and are best performed in a focused manner along with deep breaths. This graceful practice promotes stress and anxiety-reduction while increasing balance and flexibility.

  • Qigong– A practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi). Qigong, believed by Buddhists, is to allow one to reach their highest potential by accessing higher realms of consciousness. It is best practiced using a calm, meditative state of mind, with slow, flowing movements and rhythmic breathing. It promotes health and spirituality.

  • Dancing! Just move your body! Close your eyes and feel the rhythm of the music. Breathe and pay attention to how your body feels as it flows. Forget everything else and enjoy yourself.

Essentially, any action that you can focus your attention and intentions on is a moving meditation. Being deliberate with your movements is a great way to start. Sometimes, finding time to meditate can be difficult. This is a great way to multi-task. Just don’t forget to breathe!

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