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How to Train Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guides are entities that are chosen for you before birth to help you throughout life. Your spirit guides support and protect you through the ethereal realm. Some guides are with you your entire life, and some appear at different times for different reasons. They always have your best interests at heart and work to help you along your journey toward the best possible path. They communicate telepathically and often give nudges through signs and synchronicities. You may find yourself receiving messages from them during meditation and even in your dreams. Connecting with your guides can be fun and exciting. The more you practice, the messages will become clearer and easier to understand. Try these steps to open the lines between you and your guides.

  • Ask for help. Your guides are always there for assistance. They love when you look to them for help and are more than willing to do whatever they can. Ask out loud or to yourself (remember they communicate telepathically).

  • Quiet your mind. Now that you’ve asked, listen for the answer. Doing some breathing exercises and meditation can be a vital component of hearing them. Check out our blog post Meditation for Beginners for any questions you may have.

  • Listen. Once your mind is clear, tune in and see what messages you receive. These messages can be in the form of new thoughts, the little voice inside your head that gives great advice, and/or visions that appear in your mind’s eye.

  • Write. Start writing down whatever you see, hear, smell, or feel when doing these exercises. Sometimes things you’ll experience won’t always make sense at first, but when you go back to read it, you’ll have the a-ha moment!

  • Pay attention. Don’t be discouraged if you ask and aren’t given an exact response immediately. After all, time doesn’t exist in the spirit world. Start to look for signs, songs on the radio, movies on TV, calls from loved ones you haven’t heard from in a while. All of these examples can be the answer to your questions if you focus.

  • Have faith. Your guides hear you and are working behind the scenes. Even when issues arise that feel like obstacles, know that sometimes you were put in that situation to move you closer to what’s right for you.

The more you do these exercises, the stronger your connection will become. Soon, you’ll be acquiring full conversations with your spirit guides. Your team of caring, supportive cheerleaders in the spirit world are longingly awaiting a closer relationship with you. Life will become easier once you realize you are not alone and you are loved beyond measure!

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